CrypytoFox-ATM Trading Under D Nile Trading and Consultancy Ltd is a small and friendly company designed to facilitate and help the general public to buy and sell crypto currency.
We will help YOU buy and sell your cryptocurrency wisely.
We believe that cryptocurrency is the future and will replace fiat currency.
As the demand grows, Crypto Fox will help and facilitate the public to buy and sell the following crypto currency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, and Litecoin.
Our small team has specialised and developed their portfolio crypto currency since 2015.
We are in the process of developing our own ATM but at the moment we are using the GB ATM machines which are great.
Crypto Fox also facilitates bitcoin and crytopto currency exchange services at the best rates.
We will launch our own machine soon in various towns in the UK  and our engineers are working really hard to finalise this exciting project.  Stay tuned for further updates!